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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when are Rampage Managers selected?

We believe that "Excellence" begins at the top and, toward that end, Rampage Baseball is committed to ensuring that each team's manager is a knowledgeable, qualified, and reliable respresentation of the Rampage Mission Statement and Core Values. 

All Rampage managers are evaluated by using the "Rampage Manager Survey," a 15-question assessment giving parents an opportunity to evaluate their manager in five different categories: team management, leadership, baseball acumen, administration, and player development.  The results of this survey become part of a larger assessment conducted by the BYBL Board in June, at which time managers are evaluated based on several factors: the results of the survey, their participation in Rampage functions, their financial responsibility, and their overall compliance with BYBL and Rampage Baseball program policies.  Using this set of criteria, the BYBL Board then votes on who will be invited to manage a Rampage team the following year.

New managers are always welcome to the program.  Prospective managers are invited to submit to the Travel Director a "Rampage Manager Application" by the end of April.

How many games do the Rampage teams play?

The number of games will vary among teams, but the average number of scheduled games is 40 - 60 per season.  It is best to check with the team's manager for more information.

How many tournaments will the team play in?

The number of tournaments will also vary from team to team, but each Rampage team generally plays a minimum of four tournaments and may schedule as many as nine, depending on the age of the players.  Rampage Baseball also hosts "The Battle in the Brook" (in May), and during the season we often enter at least one additional tournament en masse.

In general, Rampage teams adhere to the following:

- 8U and 9U teams -- 3 to 5 tournaments per season
- 10U and 11U teams -- 6 to 8 tournaments per season
- 12U teams and older -- no more than 9 tournaments per season (including out-of-state competitions like Cooperstown)

All of the above numbers include our hosted tournament.

Teams may exceed their maximum-tournament limit with the permission of the Travel Director.

How far will the team travel for games and tournaments?

The amount of "travel" depends on the team. All Rampage teams play in the West Suburban Baseball League (WSBL), and some teams may choose to play in additional leagues (Illinois Travel Baseball League, for instance), so games will be anywhere from 20-45 minutes away.  The 12U team may choose to play one week-long tournament at All-Star Village in Cooperstown, NY, and some teams may choose to play an out-of-state tournament (e.g., Wisconsin Dells, Myrtle Beach, etc.).

Home games are played at Indian Boundary Park and Wipfler Park in Bolingbrook.  Each team typically plays a minimum of 9 WSBL home games.

How much does it cost to play for Rampage Baseball?

The fee for Rampage Baseball covers the cost of the basic uniform, the indoor winter training program, umpire fees, league fees, tournament entry fees, and other sundries typically associated with travel baseball.

Payment is due at the time of commitment.  However, if you choose to make payment in separate installments, the following schedule applies:

For 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U (if not going to Cooperstown), 13U, and 14U the cost is $1,250.00

* A deposit of $150 is required with the signed Player Agreement.
* $200 – DUE by September 1st 
* $300 – DUE by October 1st 
* $300 – DUE by November 1st 
* NO PAYMENT in December  
* $300 – DUE by January 1st 

NOTE:  High school players on a 14U team pay a total of $650.00, due on the first three payment dates (i.e., paid in full by October 1st.)

For 12U teams that are Cooperstown-bound, the cost is $1,500.00

* A deposit of $150 is required with the signed Player Agreement. 
* $300 – DUE by September 1st 
* $350 – DUE by October 1st 
* $400 – DUE by November 1st 
* NO PAYMENT in December  
* $300 – DUE by January 1st

For 15U thru 18U the cost is $465.00

* A deposit of $150 is required with the signed Player Agreement.
* $200 – DUE by September 1st 
* $115 – DUE by October 1st

Is there any additional fundraising?

All teams do some additional fundraising activities, with fundraising goals dependent upon the ambitions of each individual team.  For example, Cooperstown-bound 12U teams are required to do a considerable amount of fundraising.  Rampage Baseball also hosts its own tournament (which raises funds for the entire program), and sponsorships and donations are always welcome.

When does the off-season training begin?

All Rampage teams do their indoor training at the Quarry Field House in Romeoville.  Additional training, including pitching instruction, batting instruction, fielding instruction, speed and agility training, etc. takes place at other facilities in the area.

All teams officially begin their full indoor training in mid-December.

League Games begin in April.

Where can I get more information on Rampage Baseball?

Feel free to contact the Travel Director at [email protected] if you have additional questions.

Play HARD!  Play SMART!  Play RAMPAGE!