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Rampage Baseball

Rampage Mission Statement and Core Values

Rampage Baseball is part of the Bolingbrook Youth Baseball League. As a travel baseball organization, we are committed to teaching winning baseball through coaching, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We emphasize having fun on the field, while stressing the importance of class and sportsmanship on and off the field -- both in victory and in defeat. We prepare these young men for positions on their high school baseball team through hard work, sacrifice, and proven coaching methods. As an organization that is dedicated to providing youth in Bolingbrook with the opportunity to play baseball at the highest level, we seek out quality players and opponents and strive to be the best by competing with the best. We seek to develop these young men into leaders, both on and off the field, by stressing character, dedication, and working as a team. 

Our core values provide the framework for each team to build upon within our organization.

R         Respectful

A         Accountable

M        Motivated

P          Passionate

A         Assertive

G        Grounded

E         Enthusiastic

Respectful - As an organization, Rampage players, coaches, and parents strive to be courteous to one another, our opponents and others, as well as well-mannered both on and off the field. 

Accountable – All players, coaches, and parents belonging to the Rampage organization are required and expected to be able to justify their actions or decisions and be held responsible for those decisions or actions.

Motivated – Coaches and players within the Rampage organization are consistently inspired and driven to achieve success on the field and continually encouraged to pursue improvement.

Passionate - Players, coaches, and parents of the Rampage organization share an emotional and enthusiastic passion for the game of baseball, but more importantly believe our passion for the game is a positive enhancement to the players’ performance on the field. 

Assertive - The players in the Rampage organization are expected to develop and demonstrate a level of confidence, self-assurance, and decisiveness on and off the field that is derived from their individual and team success. 

Grounded – Players, parents, and coaches within the Rampage organization are expected to remain even-tempered and sensible in all situations and develop a reasonable understanding of what is important to the success and unity of the team.

Enthusiastic - All members of the Rampage organization, including players, coaches, and parents, are committed to the success of the team as demonstrated through their active and spirited support of the team and the entire Rampage program.